Simple Pleasures 

After a day of gift buying, crowd navigating and people dodging, my feet hurt and I have at least 9 paper cuts. (first world problems,obviously).

Feeling rather depleted and frustrated, I tried to practice being mindful and being grateful.  Overall I am, but in the moment all I could envision was my bed.  

And then it happened……

I passed by AMORINO. If you do not know what Amorino is, let me tell you. 

It is love. 

It is the kind of gelato that is a bear hug in a food. It encompasses you with it’s silky texture and potent flavours.  

It is also 35 degrees out and people think I’m insane but there is no climate too cold for a little gelato.  

One silly little bite of a $4.00 dessert changed my entire disposition. One may say it’s because my blood sugar was low- I say it’s because sometimes the simplest, smallest things in life can change our mood or outlook entirely and that’s a beautiful thing. 
Go treat yourself today. 

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