Setbacks and Accountability 

It’s not a secret. You know it, I know it. 

I failed. 

I did not write my blog for 100 consecutive days and even when I did, some days I cheated and wrote short and unimaginative pieces. 

The facts:

– we all fail

– failing is human 

– don’t give up 

– blah blah blah 

I want to talk about accountability. Yes, we all fail. You know this, I know this. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t negate your goals. It doesn’t rid all your efforts. The fact however is, you did fall short. 

I think we are in a time period where everyone is excuse happy. This didn’t happen because xyz reason or “I tried my best”. While most times these are valid excuses, they are still nonetheless excuses. 

If we don’t treat our health and our personal endeavours like they are a paid job, we will never succeed at them.  

Would you turn in a proposal late for work ? Probably not. 

In the spirit of the New Year, I challenge you to shake off the setbacks and start holding yourself accountable. You are the only person you have to answer to and the only one you have to sleep with at night. 

It’s about time we start valuing self-dissappointment as much as disappointing others.  

Some not-so harsh realities you already know:

– the weight will not will itself away, go clean out your fridge and workout 

– your business/side hustle/talent will not create and build itself 

– if you don’t feel like you’re working hard enough, you’re probably not. 
If I do not write religiously, and for myself. I will not get better. I will not spread messages and encourage conversations.  If I don’t actively try, no amount of success or impact will bestoy itself upon me. 

I’d like to say I’m sorry for being harsh, except I’m not. It’s 2018, we needed it. 

Let’s get back on track you and I, we’ve been apart far too long. 

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