“You talk too much”. -xoxo the entire world.

I do, it’s true. I am guilty of thinking too much and saying too much. Being too curious and too keen to feed that curiosity.

So, I naturally decided if my life lacked those willing to entertain my blabbering that the internet would just have to suffice. Primarily because feelings should be felt and thoughts should be shared, right? My current largest dilemma is that in real life, I can ramble, when you’re typing the English grammar/punctuation gods call that a run-on sentence.

I am a run-on sentence and below I will explain my theory behind TCLE.

The Chatter:

Life is full of chatter. People chat about the weather, fashion, alcohol, hipsters, politics and ad sense alike. This kind of chatter is great. The not-so-great kind of chatter comes about when people chat about each other negatively. It’s as if we are trying to bring one another down and that chatter leads to fear, fear of more chatter, more judgment.

*Gossip, Gossip, ***** just stop it*- Kanye West  (thx Yeezy).

The Box:

Do you remember in the 90’s there was a show called “Out of the box”? Well, it emphasized kids using their creativity to do things in new ways or develop new concepts all out of a pimped out cardboard box fort. (I know what I want for Christmas).
See, once we hear negative chatter we no longer strive to think outside the box, instead, we put ourselves into a box with parameters, walls, and limitations. We think we belong in a structured environment, living by society’s rules because there was just too much chatter.


There comes a point when you must accept the two existing options to live life:

  1. Create positive chatter and live your life out of the box.
  2. Participate in negative chatter, let it dictate your life and never leave the box.

but life will keep going, things will keep happening. How you feel them, how you experience them, that’s your discretion. Thing one. Thing two.



Once you’ve chosen your option. You find the truth, the passion, the “Why”. ¬†That’s when you become an enthusiast, someone like me so engulfed by the vast and diverse moments and beings available to experience in life.


So if you’ve made it this far, I encourage you too, to be a Chatterbox Life Enthusiast.