New Year’s Eve. 

It’s about 3:00 a.m. on December 31st. 

I’m trying to come up with the epic one line intro to sum up my most formative year till date. 

Instead I’ve translated the following to see which sounds best in English:

A. ” Jeena Is hi Ka Naam hai mere dost”

This is what living is called, my friend. 

B. ” Zindagi na Milegi Dobara”

You only live once. 

C. ”  Jab Takh Hai Jaan” 

Until there is life. 

S. “Ek paal ka Jeena” 

Live in the moment. 

None of them seemed to suffice, so here we are. 

I suppose you’re expecting something phenomenal? Some sage words of wisdom from your very own Indian Oprah. Just call me “Baba Jashima” here to tell you how astrology and numerology will change your life. 

JK, ‘ll leave that to Ajmeri Baba and Amitabh dialogues. 

There are a few things about this day that make it special. You will probably, secretly or publicly make a resolution, for which YAY you for at least thinking about being a better version of yourself. 

You’re probably also reflecting on how far you’ve come or how you haven’t moved at all, in which case congratulations or get it together.

Tomato, tamatar. Same thing. 

Every year we put on the outfit, we make the plans and we send the well wishes. 

When is the last time you consciously thought, that you and whomever you’re surrounded by have actually logged another 365 days of life. Some hundreds of thousands of breaths have been taken, steps have been traveled and memories have been made.  

Think about the number of people we’ve passed by, sat next to, or had passive interactions with. Imagine the steps they have traveled, memories they have made, moments you may have unknowingly featured in. 

Now let that all marinate in your mind like a slow cooked Tikka. 

You feel grateful don’t you? ( Lie to me, thanks).

Imagine if in all those interactions we spent this year doing the following:

-Telling that girl we like her shoes instead of telling our friends we liked some girls shoes. 

– Talk to strangers, it used to be called “getting to know someone” in pre-historic times before you could find their social security and birth mark on the internet. 

– Challenging the way we think, asking ourselves why we think that way. 

– Falling in love. With people, places, moments and things. 

– Trying new things & enjoying old things 

– Being afraid and then conquering our fears 

– Not being comfortable. 
So what do I really mean !? I mean that, this year I challenge you. I challenge you to challenge yourself. To ask yourself why you are who you are, and what you want to become. Why you think the way you think and why you do the things you do. I challenge you, to analyze yourself the way we subconsciously analyze others all day. I want you to take risks, I hope you dance (@leanne rhymes adopt me plz), I hope you do stupid things and learn from them. 

I hope you read my rants, or I hope you read something, anything really. We are starting to become pretty stupid humans. 

My point is, I hope you make meaningful connections because you know who you are or who you want to be. I hope you put your best foot forward and not kick yourself with your worst.  I hope you forgive yourself and stop apologizing for everything ( it’s an American thing, we do it ALL the time). 

I hope you do not allow the fear of discomfort to stop you from doing the right thing. 

I hope you don’t turn a deaf ear or a blind eye for the sake of convenience. 

 I hope you rise to the occasion in a time where we have a moral and ethical obligation to stand by and for one another. 

Im so sorry, I’ve asked you to do an obscene number of serious things today, enough of that for now. 

Put on your best smile and go show 2018 who is boss.

 (Hint: it’s probably not you if you’re still dreaming about all the things you aren’t doing)

Happy New Year’s Eve! 😘

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