My Person. 

If you’ve had the sheer pleasure of hearing almost any girl talk, you’ve probably heard someone say “he/she is my person” while most people may be referring to their significant other, I am referring to my best friend. 

For the last 14 or so years of my life there has been one unwaivering pillar of support. Many many friends will come and go, even family but sometimes life grants us angels that come in the form of humans and she is mine. 

She is my date every holiday, whether she is single or not because I ALWAYS am. 

Her family has treated me better than my own and become a piece of my heart. 

Their traditions are my traditions. 

When they got a dog, I got a dog. 

She has wiped my tears, kissed my forehead and restricted my breathing with her hugs. 

She scolds me and puts me in my place. 

She also feeds me and plays with my hair. 

She drives me insane but she is my person. 

It is rare in today’s overly plugged in society that we put our phones down and actually get to know one another, share in moments, observe behaviors, remember likes and dislikes. 

It is rare that we invest and when we do, it’s often a one way street. Through my many, many trials and tribulations I have my person to turn to, to lean on and to grow with.  

We spend so much time on social media hashtagging trends and reposting celebrities and things we are passionate about but in the spirit of the holidays, I’m posting about someone I’m grateful for.  

This year, I hope you tell your person you are grateful for them and if you don’t have a person, just wait, it’s the best thing ever. 

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