Moving on.  

As humans we  harbor our regrets as if they were vital to our existence. As if our regrets are somehow as valuable and necessary as atoms and molecules, they pulsate through our bloodstream. 

We find ourselves comparing each other’s actions and choices, comparing them to our own moral compass amongst others’. 

Constantly ending at the same place, self-loathijg, inability to forgive ourselves. 

Why do we do this ? 

One should repent their mistakes and learn from poor decisions but what does harboring them do for us ? 

Does it somehow serve as a punishment for the act ? Does it negate the choices ? Does it make it better ? 

It does not for me.  

I’ve wondered if living a mundane life that seems full of the right choices and no regrets or mistakes would be fulfilling. 

I haven’t come to a conclusion on that thought but I have learned this. 

It’s only you, you have to live with, so allow yourself to move on. You are human and ever changing. You deserve chances. You are given a life that deserves to be lived. 

So move on and let go, forgive yourself 

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