Lonely Lights

My love for NYC is endless. I am it’s biggest advocate, defending it as if it were my baby. 


Every now and again I am reminded that while you are surrounded by a plethora of life that is consistently moving and changing, it’s easy to feel alone. Easy to feel like even though there are enough lights to power entire countries, that it’s still dark. 

Easy to get discouraged. 

Easy to get overwhelmed. 

Easy to fail.  

Lonely looks different for everyone, it’s confusing and debilitating. It’s strange and tough to combat. 
My very favorite thing is, 9/10 times if you start to do something you love, chances are you’ll create a network that makes life a little less lonely, brings back the lights and the sounds.  

And if that fails, go to the place that ignites the fire in your soul, you’ll find quickly-
You are not alone. 

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