Moving on.  

As humans we  harbor our regrets as if they were vital to our existence. As if our regrets are somehow as valuable and necessary as atoms and molecules, they pulsate through our bloodstream. 

We find ourselves comparing each other’s actions and choices, comparing them to our own moral compass amongst others’. 

Constantly ending at the same place, self-loathijg, inability to forgive ourselves. 

Why do we do this ? 

One should repent their mistakes and learn from poor decisions but what does harboring them do for us ? 

Does it somehow serve as a punishment for the act ? Does it negate the choices ? Does it make it better ? 

It does not for me.  

I’ve wondered if living a mundane life that seems full of the right choices and no regrets or mistakes would be fulfilling. 

I haven’t come to a conclusion on that thought but I have learned this. 

It’s only you, you have to live with, so allow yourself to move on. You are human and ever changing. You deserve chances. You are given a life that deserves to be lived. 

So move on and let go, forgive yourself 

Modern Art 

Do you ever feel caught up ? Like everything is fine but your thoughts our cloudy and you’re craving some clarity ? 

Go to an art museum or an exhibit. 

The following things will happen:

1. You will laugh, because art is funny. 

2. You will think, because art is pensive and provocative 

3. You will feel refreshed, because art has perspective. 
Forcing yourself to review, engage and experience works of others lives and their connotations, requires you to open the walls of your mind. 

The beauty of art is that you can agree with that connotation and meaning or create your own. 

You can allow yourself to be effected outside of your element. 

Be present in someone else’s world, understand them.  

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have”

I believe it was an average weekday in 2006, I came home from school and did the usual; washed my hands, emptied my school bag, watched precisely one episode of Giada on Food Network, one of Full House and then completed my homework. Generally, I’d go play outside until about 4/5 p.m.

And then it was time.

I smelled the lightly buttered popcorn and got cozy on the couch with Mom, we had two religious dates a week.

One with Iron Chef

One with Oprah Winfrey.

If anyone who knows me is reading this, you know that after age 10 I used to tell people ” I pray to Oprah”.

When asked to make a project about someone who inspired you, I was not adorable and didn’t love my parents enough to pick them. I loved Oprah.

In high school IB English when we created a biography, I titled mine the “Future Business Leader of the Contemporary Media World*.

Whatever the hell that means, it was what Oprah meant to me.

She wasn’t Indian but she was the first exposure I had to a woman of color in a position of influence.

She is the inspiration behind my passion for media, interviewing, branding and journalism

She showed me that your heart can have enough love to feed the world’s insatiable hunger, if you don’t save it all for yourself.

She taught me that philanthropy lies not in the checks Lilly Vanderwoodsen wrote from the UES but rather in the hands that feed and the people’s that teach, in the children that learn and the freedoms we have reached.

She exposed me to love, a love that did not need a union to signify it’s strengths. A love so beautiful and so deep that it found its way back.

She showed me what a fierce and loyal friend looks like and how to be one.

She taught me how to challenge my own thoughts, while challenging another’s.

She inspired me to ask why, how, where and when ?

She asked of me to be actionable.

She carries herself with an unemmutable grace.

She is the reason I intend on talking about things that matter and stories that deserve to be told. (Stay tuned!)

She paved the way for my dreams to be a bit more feasible, a bit more real, a bit more lucrative.

She changed the worth I gave to myself because she challenged the worth others gave her.

It is in Oprah, I trust because she embodies my America.  The America in which #timesup. The time where we put on our rose colored glasses and pretend we’re not as bad as any other country on the surface is LONG gone.

It is because of women like Oprah who have valued truth and sought after it before it was the trendy thing to do, that I believe we can still seek justice.

After all, “Hell hath no fury like a woman- oh wait, “Heaven hath no room for men who can’t handle rejection”- me.

It is because of Oprah that I believe women create empires, not serve in them.

Congratulations Oprah, I hope the future generations get to experience what it is to live to look up to someone like you

Setbacks and Accountability 

It’s not a secret. You know it, I know it. 

I failed. 

I did not write my blog for 100 consecutive days and even when I did, some days I cheated and wrote short and unimaginative pieces. 

The facts:

– we all fail

– failing is human 

– don’t give up 

– blah blah blah 

I want to talk about accountability. Yes, we all fail. You know this, I know this. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t negate your goals. It doesn’t rid all your efforts. The fact however is, you did fall short. 

I think we are in a time period where everyone is excuse happy. This didn’t happen because xyz reason or “I tried my best”. While most times these are valid excuses, they are still nonetheless excuses. 

If we don’t treat our health and our personal endeavours like they are a paid job, we will never succeed at them.  

Would you turn in a proposal late for work ? Probably not. 

In the spirit of the New Year, I challenge you to shake off the setbacks and start holding yourself accountable. You are the only person you have to answer to and the only one you have to sleep with at night. 

It’s about time we start valuing self-dissappointment as much as disappointing others.  

Some not-so harsh realities you already know:

– the weight will not will itself away, go clean out your fridge and workout 

– your business/side hustle/talent will not create and build itself 

– if you don’t feel like you’re working hard enough, you’re probably not. 
If I do not write religiously, and for myself. I will not get better. I will not spread messages and encourage conversations.  If I don’t actively try, no amount of success or impact will bestoy itself upon me. 

I’d like to say I’m sorry for being harsh, except I’m not. It’s 2018, we needed it. 

Let’s get back on track you and I, we’ve been apart far too long. 

Lonely Lights

My love for NYC is endless. I am it’s biggest advocate, defending it as if it were my baby. 


Every now and again I am reminded that while you are surrounded by a plethora of life that is consistently moving and changing, it’s easy to feel alone. Easy to feel like even though there are enough lights to power entire countries, that it’s still dark. 

Easy to get discouraged. 

Easy to get overwhelmed. 

Easy to fail.  

Lonely looks different for everyone, it’s confusing and debilitating. It’s strange and tough to combat. 
My very favorite thing is, 9/10 times if you start to do something you love, chances are you’ll create a network that makes life a little less lonely, brings back the lights and the sounds.  

And if that fails, go to the place that ignites the fire in your soul, you’ll find quickly-
You are not alone. 

New Year’s Eve. 

It’s about 3:00 a.m. on December 31st. 

I’m trying to come up with the epic one line intro to sum up my most formative year till date. 

Instead I’ve translated the following to see which sounds best in English:

A. ” Jeena Is hi Ka Naam hai mere dost”

This is what living is called, my friend. 

B. ” Zindagi na Milegi Dobara”

You only live once. 

C. ”  Jab Takh Hai Jaan” 

Until there is life. 

S. “Ek paal ka Jeena” 

Live in the moment. 

None of them seemed to suffice, so here we are. 

I suppose you’re expecting something phenomenal? Some sage words of wisdom from your very own Indian Oprah. Just call me “Baba Jashima” here to tell you how astrology and numerology will change your life. 

JK, ‘ll leave that to Ajmeri Baba and Amitabh dialogues. 

There are a few things about this day that make it special. You will probably, secretly or publicly make a resolution, for which YAY you for at least thinking about being a better version of yourself. 

You’re probably also reflecting on how far you’ve come or how you haven’t moved at all, in which case congratulations or get it together.

Tomato, tamatar. Same thing. 

Every year we put on the outfit, we make the plans and we send the well wishes. 

When is the last time you consciously thought, that you and whomever you’re surrounded by have actually logged another 365 days of life. Some hundreds of thousands of breaths have been taken, steps have been traveled and memories have been made.  

Think about the number of people we’ve passed by, sat next to, or had passive interactions with. Imagine the steps they have traveled, memories they have made, moments you may have unknowingly featured in. 

Now let that all marinate in your mind like a slow cooked Tikka. 

You feel grateful don’t you? ( Lie to me, thanks).

Imagine if in all those interactions we spent this year doing the following:

-Telling that girl we like her shoes instead of telling our friends we liked some girls shoes. 

– Talk to strangers, it used to be called “getting to know someone” in pre-historic times before you could find their social security and birth mark on the internet. 

– Challenging the way we think, asking ourselves why we think that way. 

– Falling in love. With people, places, moments and things. 

– Trying new things & enjoying old things 

– Being afraid and then conquering our fears 

– Not being comfortable. 
So what do I really mean !? I mean that, this year I challenge you. I challenge you to challenge yourself. To ask yourself why you are who you are, and what you want to become. Why you think the way you think and why you do the things you do. I challenge you, to analyze yourself the way we subconsciously analyze others all day. I want you to take risks, I hope you dance (@leanne rhymes adopt me plz), I hope you do stupid things and learn from them. 

I hope you read my rants, or I hope you read something, anything really. We are starting to become pretty stupid humans. 

My point is, I hope you make meaningful connections because you know who you are or who you want to be. I hope you put your best foot forward and not kick yourself with your worst.  I hope you forgive yourself and stop apologizing for everything ( it’s an American thing, we do it ALL the time). 

I hope you do not allow the fear of discomfort to stop you from doing the right thing. 

I hope you don’t turn a deaf ear or a blind eye for the sake of convenience. 

 I hope you rise to the occasion in a time where we have a moral and ethical obligation to stand by and for one another. 

Im so sorry, I’ve asked you to do an obscene number of serious things today, enough of that for now. 

Put on your best smile and go show 2018 who is boss.

 (Hint: it’s probably not you if you’re still dreaming about all the things you aren’t doing)

Happy New Year’s Eve! 😘

Staying Relevant. 

Early 2017 I found myself trying desperately hard to stay relevant. 

Relevant to my old friends. 

Relevant to my family. 

Relevant to my old life. 

Half of me so badly wanted to be wanted by this group of people and this lifestyle. I wanted to chase my dreams but I wanted them in my corner while I did so.  I wanted to so badly be accepted into this world, this life that was never mine to begin with.  

I could wear the clothes, talk the talk and play the part. I could be there when everyone needed me and reach out a thousand times. The fact of the matter is, unrequited love is real in more than just romance. 

This however, was not unrequited love. 

It was my insecurities and need for others to make me feel worthy.  I think it became harder as I aged because somehow, someway they all left me behind but moved on together, It sucked.          It most definitely hindered my self esteem for soemtime, it makes you wonder how all of these people could stay friends/family but somehow you don’t make the cut. 

Was it the money ?

My appearance ? 

My mistakes? 

Why was  I    So disposable ? 

I then looked at the people I aim to emmulate or learn from in life, I looked at their struggles and their successes. Some had EVERYONE rooting them on and others had no one. 

It hit me then that I was being lazy and selfish. 

I lived my life as if loving people and having genuine interest was enough to expect the same back.  It’s not. 

Loving yourself, and giving yourself worth warrants support. 

And how dare I give up on my dreams and goals simply because I let a life I never had deem me inadequate ? 

It was then somewhere between I want it, I need to work for it and I got it, that I started to change gears. I decided that I didn’t need to cut anyone out but I didn’t need to chase either. I needed to pursue the life I wanted while living the one I actually have. 

Alone. Or not. 

Tides will change, friends will come and go. Fortunately or unfortunately I simply cannot stop loving anyone I once did but I have stopped needing them to love me back (… Or at least I’m working on it). 

With the New Year upon us, I think the following things; 

1. Your time has value 

2. Your effort has value 

3. Your love has value 

4. You have value. 

But you are only as valuable as YOU  deem yourself to be. Not anyone else.  

It is hard to watch people you care about embark on milestones and proceed in life without you, it is even harder to allow yourself to stop trying because of it. So don’t. 

Work towards being your best self, and continuing to give that person to other people and  don’t get caught up in staying relevant, get caught up in being yourself. Chase dreams not people. 

Dont’t be afraid to do it alone, you only need your own permission.   

Holiday Hiatus

I am beyond  grateful and blessed for my beautiful family and friends.

There are few moments I cherish more than the time I get to spend catching up, cuddling up and eating up with them.

Unfortunately, In true Jashima fashion- I try to do it ALL, ALL  the time…..

and it gets done.

and then I crash.

After about the two most hectic months- I slept for a good 48 hours and am back and ready to write!


From one Chatterbox to another, sometimes less is more. ! Happy Holidays


My Person. 

If you’ve had the sheer pleasure of hearing almost any girl talk, you’ve probably heard someone say “he/she is my person” while most people may be referring to their significant other, I am referring to my best friend. 

For the last 14 or so years of my life there has been one unwaivering pillar of support. Many many friends will come and go, even family but sometimes life grants us angels that come in the form of humans and she is mine. 

She is my date every holiday, whether she is single or not because I ALWAYS am. 

Her family has treated me better than my own and become a piece of my heart. 

Their traditions are my traditions. 

When they got a dog, I got a dog. 

She has wiped my tears, kissed my forehead and restricted my breathing with her hugs. 

She scolds me and puts me in my place. 

She also feeds me and plays with my hair. 

She drives me insane but she is my person. 

It is rare in today’s overly plugged in society that we put our phones down and actually get to know one another, share in moments, observe behaviors, remember likes and dislikes. 

It is rare that we invest and when we do, it’s often a one way street. Through my many, many trials and tribulations I have my person to turn to, to lean on and to grow with.  

We spend so much time on social media hashtagging trends and reposting celebrities and things we are passionate about but in the spirit of the holidays, I’m posting about someone I’m grateful for.  

This year, I hope you tell your person you are grateful for them and if you don’t have a person, just wait, it’s the best thing ever. 

Simple Pleasures 

After a day of gift buying, crowd navigating and people dodging, my feet hurt and I have at least 9 paper cuts. (first world problems,obviously).

Feeling rather depleted and frustrated, I tried to practice being mindful and being grateful.  Overall I am, but in the moment all I could envision was my bed.  

And then it happened……

I passed by AMORINO. If you do not know what Amorino is, let me tell you. 

It is love. 

It is the kind of gelato that is a bear hug in a food. It encompasses you with it’s silky texture and potent flavours.  

It is also 35 degrees out and people think I’m insane but there is no climate too cold for a little gelato.  

One silly little bite of a $4.00 dessert changed my entire disposition. One may say it’s because my blood sugar was low- I say it’s because sometimes the simplest, smallest things in life can change our mood or outlook entirely and that’s a beautiful thing. 
Go treat yourself today.